Membership and Fees

Base Membership

Membership in the Westlock Flying Club costs $50 per year, and runs from January to December.

“PA-28 Club”

The Piper PA-28 aircraft operates as a “club within a club”. Members wishing to fly the PA-28 pay an additional annual fee.

The annual fee covers our fixed operating costs such as insurance, and includes your first 10 hours of flying time. The rental rate is “dry” (does not include fuel), members are expected to top off the tanks after each use so it is full for the next member’s use.

PA-28 Club annual fee:  $1150 (includes first 10 dry hours of flying time)

Cost per hour (dry), next 10-20 hours in the year: $35 per hour

Cost per hour (dry), over 20 hours in the year: $75 per hour

If your 10 hours is not used up in the first year, the balance may be carried over to a second year. The PA-28 Club membership runs from June to May.

PA-28 Checkouts

The WFC does not employ any instructors. Experienced pilots with Piper Cherokee time may be checked out by designated club members. Otherwise, a checkout with a professional instructor will be suggested. For insurance reasons, the checkout must be done in our plane.